The Art of Boating

Boating means different things to different people. To some, it offers a source of income, a way to put food on the table, and support their families, while to others it serves as a nothing more but a fun activity for enjoying nature and her open waters and they have to spend time about maintenance or replacement boat lift canopy covers cape coral.

A Few Types of Boats

There are over 30 types of boats, each with a wide difference between the next.


A few types of boats are as follows

Jetboat: A boat that is powered by a powerful force of water ejected from behind the boat

Bass Boat: A boat relatively small in size used mainly for the purpose of bass fishing.

Jon Boat: A boat for the sole purpose of hunting and fishing. A jet boat is usually made from wood or fiberglass.

Runabout: A small motor boat mainly used for leisure and recreational purposes, such as water skiing, fishing and racing. A runabout boat has a holding capacity of three, to sometimes nine people.

Sailboat: A boat propelled by sails.

With a general overview of a few types of boats listed above, it is important to know key terminologies for the positions and areas of a boat:

Bow: The upmost/front sector of a boat/ship

Amidships: The center portion of the boat/ship

Anchorage – A location the anchor is to be placed

Aft: Also called a “Stern”, is the back or rear of the boat/ship

Portside – Refers to the Left Side of the boat

Starboard – The name given to the Right Side of the boat.

Gunwale: The upmost corner of the side of the boat/ship

Heading – The direction at which the boat is facing/headed.

Fishing : A Boating Career

While fishing can be a leisure activity, it is a prominently an occupational aspect of boating that includes fishing for shellfish, fish, shrimp, and other aquatic food, for the sole purpose of selling and distributing. Those who fish for a career are refered to as fishermen.


Overview of Fishing Techniques

There are several fishing techniques used depending on the equipment, abilities, intended purpose of those who are fishing. A few fishing techniques include

Spearfishing: Fishing using a spear.

Hand gathering: Gathering seafood by hand.

Netting: Fiber woven together constructed to catch multiple fishes in one instance.

Angling: Used by leisure fishers, includes rod/fishing pole and line.

Sailing : A Leisure Form Of Boating

Up until the 19th Century, sailing of ships was used for transporting and importing goods by the US Marines, but today in the 21st century, sailing is an activity done mainly for leisure and relaxation. Yacht owners usually sail their yacht on open water during warmer climates as a way to unwind and relax.
Sailing on cruise ships during vacation is widely popular around the world. The feeling of being out in in the open water far away from land, people and home, undisturbed, is the ultimate feeling of peace and freedom.
Whether you are a fisherman, sailor, a boat owner, or just an overall boat enthusiast, there are certain safety aspects to boating that should be understood.

PFD Jackets, A Safety Sailing Precaution
For Children

While sailing or on a cruise, there are certain procedures that must be followed to ensure safety for passengers.
PFD Jackets are life jackets worn on the boat. To ensure absolute safety, the United States Coast Guard established a rule that states that PFD Jackets, or life jackets MUST be accessible to all passengers on the boat younger than 13 years old.
There is also a PFD Jacket law in the state of Alabama that requires children below 8 years of age to put on their Life Jackets at all times while boarding except while inside sections of the ship or boat