A Few Boating Terminologies

Day Sailing – To set out sailing for a few hours in small sailboat

Sails – Propellers on a sailboat, supplies power to sailing ships by the momentum they gain from the wind.

Mainsail – Hint the name: main sail. The biggest sail on a sailing ship

Headsail – The foremost, leading sail of a sailing ship.

Hauling – To drag a boat from out the water

Knot(s)- The speed at which the boat/ship is traveling.

Nautical Mile – The unit at which a single knot is measured in. One single Knot equals one Nautical Mile/ Hour. One Nautical Mile is exactly 6,076 feet.


What To Consider Before Buying A Boat

There are several things to consider before deciding to buy a boat. First and foremost, a buyer must decide what specific purpose the boat is intended for, and from there ensure he chooses a boat that fits that exact purpose. Once decided on the type of boat desired, the buyer must also decide whether he wants his boat new or used.
Upon deciding to buy a used boat, here are 3 things to consider.

– Inspect the boat for signs of damages, such as fibreglass cracking and mildew accumulation.

– Perform several engine and oil tests.
Is the engine overly noisy, or vibrating at an overly accelerated rate? this is an example of key observations to make.

– Ensure all the gauges an electronics are functioning. No corroded engines, missing bulbs, ensure that the essentials are all in place.

Restoring Shine to a Boat

Restoring the gleam to the gel coat of a ship/boat to its previous brilliant glow requires detailed and careful cleaning.
To begin, Mix a warm gallon of water with boat washing detergent or suitable clenser (usually an all purpose cleaner), after preparing a solution, you can begin cleaning by using a strudy sponge to clean the exterior of the boat. While cleaning, it is important to wear perfect-fit leather gloves to protect one’s hands.